Help for Seniors


Our Commitment to Families and the Senior Industry

Our company has invested over 20 credit hours of continuing education; specifically focused on the senior industry and how to best help families who are transitioning a loved one to long-term care with focus on:

  • The transition journey
  • Sensitivity training
  • Reducing the family’s stress
  • Free resources to help the family
  • Understanding the senior living industry, family education, and other helpful resources

The House

The last thing that seniors and their families need is added stress. We buy the house in as-is condition. The money that families save in not having to make repairs and updates, or pay realtor commissions, means that they get the money they need, when they need it, to get their senior the care that they deserve.

Our Approach

We work with families to help them get the senior to the care they need with the least amount of stress to the senior or their adult children. We can purchase the house in a few weeks, as-is, compared to the having to spend 3-6 months, and often a lot of money, to get the house updated, repaired, and cleaned out before listing it. We work with the family to eliminate the stress involved in selling a home – at no cost to them.

The Stuff

We know that one of the biggest challenges that families face is dealing with all of the stuff in the house. We make it easy for families to focus on spending time with their loved one as we take care of all the stuff. Families just take what they want and we’ll handle the rest! NO WORRIES.




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